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Introducing Witch Like Me

The murder of her grandmother jolts Zannah out of her sleepy library life into a magical and danger-filled world. Racing through time with Hel, a former witch’s Guardian, at her side, Zannah’s unwittingly finds herself on a mission to defeat a powerful evil, restore true love and prevent her grandmother’s death before it is even planned.

Witch Like Me is a dramatic, magical and funny new series from pioneering web series creator Regan Latimer and multi-channel producer Rochelle Dancel.

Based on a deep well-developed paranormal mythology, we look forward to intriguing you, surprising you, and having you along for the ride.

Press & Bloggers

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press [at] witchlikeme [dot] com

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Margaret Brock
Vanessa Dunn
Jenny Grace
Vincent Kerschbaum
Karim Morgan
Mayko Nguyen
Andrea Risk
Zach Smadu


Written and Edited by
Regan Latimer

Executive Producer
Bee Charmer Productions


Directed & Produced by
Regan Latimer

Regan Latimer

Jessica Cooper

Make-up & Hair
Rikki Zucker

Fight Choreographer
Seth Cooper


Directed & Produced by
Rochelle Dancel

Gerry Alexis

Special thanks

Godric Kim
Alys Latimer
Elizabeth Leslie
Camille Bennett
Robert Latimer
Sean, Jacob, Astrid and Barrett
Jill Golick
Janice Dawe
The studio residents of Bats In Belfries

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